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KnockPods - Product Images and YouTube Reviews


Welcome to our website and thank you for considering our products. We understand that purchasing a product online requires a lot of trust and research before making your decision.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide clear images on our website of what our products look like (for reasons that should be obvious). However we'd love to show you those images and the YouTube reviews that have been done on our company so you can see what other people think of our products.

Why Are Your Images Blurred?

  • Our apologies but we do not want to have our website removed. We think you're aware as to what the images look like and we'd like to continue to survive online as a business.

Do You Want To See Our KnockPods Images?

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  • If you need more or something specific just contact us anytime.

Do You Want To See Our KnockPods Reviews?

  • You can search for "KnockPods Reviews" or just "KnockPods" on YouTube and you'll find many reviews on our products.
  • Or you can subscribe to our email list (bottom of the page) and we'll send you some.

    Where Are You Based?

    • We are based in Utah, United States and for USA customers we deliver our products from Chicago to you, most customers get their products within 5 days or less.
    • We also have warehouses based in Australia, China and an "Express" service to Europe and Canada meaning all those destinations usually get their products in 5-10 days.


    Did we leave anything unanswered? If we did feel free to "Contact Us" anytime!